“Dawson’s work shines a desperately needed light on the potential importance of writing in the professional and personal lives of teachers—most importantly, those who teach the nation’s children to write. In that respect alone, Dawson has made a valuable contribution to the ongoing discussions about literacy instruction, teacher education, and school improvement.”

—From the foreword by Robert P. Yagelski, professor, University at Albany, SUNY

“An extremely important read for every teacher of writing, this book focuses on the development of ideas and the exploration of language and structure instead of formulaic routines. Here we see how teachers can locate (or reawaken) themselves as writers bringing fresh language, literacy excitement, and expertise into their classrooms.”

Judith A. Langer, distinguished research professor, University at Albany

“Readers of Christine Dawson’s new book might be surprised to find themselves in a novelistic world where the literary characters are women who, through talk and writing, act in and on their complex lives. They are teachers, yes, but they are also thoughtful mothers and daughters, wives and friends, and ready companions. This is a newly liberated notion of a writing group–of women who teach–and a practical guide to those readers inspired to start their own group.”

Anne Haas Dyson, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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“Read it today. Buy a copy for every educator you know.”

Carol Jago, past president, National Council of Teachers of English

“If I had to recommend one book to a teacher, administrator, or professor to read about improving the teaching of writing in all content areas, this would be that book.”

Jim Burke, bestselling author